Quilter offers mental health talks to advisers

Four talks this Mental Health Awareness Week provided by London start-up Spill

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week Quilter has partnered with remote mental health support start-up Spill to offer free talks to advisers.

The four talks will explore why we are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off from work, and provide tips on how to disconnect, how to be a better manager and how to improve workplace culture.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 10-16 May this year, and there is clear demand for mental health support is there. Spill said 87% of people in the UK feel mental health interfered with their ability to cope with normal life in some way.

Quilter added many advisers may have felt the strain of the pandemic, including in increased workloads and finding new ways to support clients.

“We’re all feeling a bit knocked about after the past year, but we’ve all found reserves of strength and resilience we didn’t know we had,” said Paul Feeney, CEO of Quilter.  

“But this period will pass, indeed is passing and as we come out of it it’s vital to reflect on what has changed, what we’ve learnt, including about ourselves, and how we can use that to create better lives.

“Right now many people are feeling anxious about returning to normality, including going back to life in an office, even if not for five days a week. Mental Health Awareness Week provides the ideal opportunity to take some time to take care of our mental health and emotional wellbeing, so I’m really pleased to be able to offer these talks to help advisers through this difficult period.”

London-based Spill also offers services over Slack, as well as one-to-one support such as personal therapy sessions.

Calvin Benton, CEO of Spill, said: “The past year has been emotionally tough on everyone, and so for Mental Health Awareness Week we’re proud to be offering a series of talks to advisers that draw upon the expertise of Spill’s therapists to provide helpful tips for common issues, whether that’s making more time to switch off and rest or trying to better support those around you.”

Quilter and Spill’s free talks, as well as some of Spill’s other services are available on Quilter’s There For You hub. The talks will take place on:

  • Mon 10th May 1pm – 2pm ‘How to overcome imposter syndrome feelings’
  • Tue 11th May 1pm – 2pm ‘How to (actually) switch off from work’
  • Wed 12th May 1pm – 2pm ‘How to be a more emotionally intelligent manager’
  • Thu 13th May 1pm – 2pm ‘How to change the culture at your company’

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