Kames Capital seeks participants for sustainable investing poll

The asset manager is researching how investors' views towards responsible investing are changing

Specialist investment house Kames Capital is looking for individuals to take part in its biennial UK research survey that charts the views of those with an interest in sustainable investing.

The asset management group, which managed some £42.5 billion in assets, is seeking to collate the views and attitudes of fund selectors, financial advisers, fund platforms, pension funds and consultants.

In a statement, the company said it hoped that the survey’s results would inform future changes to its funds and ensure that the company remained relevant to the needs of investors.

Ryan Smith, head of ESG Research at Kames Capital, explained that increased interest in all areas of environmental, social and governance-based investments has underscored the importance of conducting further research.

He said: “It has been almost two years since we formally consulted with investors and advisers in our ethical and sustainable funds.

“Since 2016 we have seen a surge of interest in responsible investing, with a growing number of investors seeking to understand the broader impacts of their investments on the environment and society.”

Smith explained that the company’s approach to investing has remained broadly consistent over the past 25 years, but it has been keen to evolve its policies and funds to incorporate new ethical issues as they have emerged.

He added: “While we have no plans to make any changes to our screening, we believe it is good practice to formally review our approach every few years. This ensures that our ethical funds continue to reflect changes in society and remain relevant to the needs of our investors.”

Individuals who would like to take part in the survey are invited to complete a series of questions on the dedicated research website which has been established for the poll.